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Each puppy

comes with a clean bill of health and a 2-year health guarantee.

We've been raising puppies for years and take pride in each of our Golden Retrievers. This breed is our passion—so we breed for excellent health & temperaments. We import from the best bloodlines in Europe.  


Our puppies are white (light cream) in color, and have a stocky build. They are well-socialized before leaving, up-to-date on vaccinations & deworming, and ready to be a part of your family!

Reserve a puppy today, and prepare to meet your new, eager-to-please, loyal friend!

Our Golden Retriever Puppies are $2,500 each (unless otherwise marked)

Full breeding rights: $3,500

Our puppies

are white (light cream) in color and come with a clean bill of health and a 2-year health guarantee.

We take personal pride in our English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies. Our small, family farm located just 5 minutes from Fort Wayne, Indiana affords the privilege of spending quality time with each puppy we raise before they leave.

Golden Retrievers are super-friendly, ​very adaptable, and have plenty of affection to go around. This beautiful breed will not only play top-notch games of fetch, but will form a close bond with you and your family—stealing your heart with their soft, excellent temperaments and upper-level intelligence. 

Reserve a puppy today, and prepare to meet your new, eager-to-please, loyal friend!

Puppies Available now!

Lilly & Phil's litter - born Aug 22, 2019

We proudly feed
dog food. 
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Accepting deposits for English Cream Golden Retriever pups
Kyra is a beautiful mother that carefully tends to each puppy. Her strong build gorgeous looks make us proud owners. She loves going for walks, and her sweet personality is a pleasure to be around. 
Daisy loves being the center of attention, and gives her puppies all the attention they crave! She will snuggle & tend to each puppy with utmost care. Beautiful build & features. .
Lilly's tenderness goes a long way when it comes to nurturing her puppies. She is a patient mother, with lots of love to go around. Her bright coat and big smile are a delight to all of us! 
Ellie's love for her pups is a joy to watch, and her lovely personality is always fun to be around! She passes her bright coat and strong build on to each of her pups. 
Tara is as sweet as she is beautiful. Her smile can be seen from afar, and her joy in nurturing her pups is never hidden. Her stunning looks, strong build, and sweet temperament are all very evident in each of her little ones. 
Phil is our Junior Champion imported from Ukraine. He has a beautiful light coat, black nose, and blocky head. This big boy is a puppy at heart, with the sweetest disposition! 
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